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(125 mins, Telugu,
Digital, 2017)

Raktham (English: The Blood) is an Indian film in Telugu (2017), inspired by the French philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Albert Camus' 1949 play 'Les Justes' which traced its characters from actual assassins who lived and confronted their inner demons, as documented by Boris Savinkov in his 'Memoirs of a Terrorist' (1931). The film is directed by Rajesh Touchriver and produced by Social Activist Sunitha Krishnan.
The film highlights inescapable moral issues associated with murder and terrorism, even for an existentialist. The film explores a conflict between the ideology of nonviolence and right to kill people who inflict violence. Hate weighs down certain people into intolerable suffering and exists elsewhere as a comfortable system. In such a context, those who are unable to get rid of their own hearts even in the most contemptible of efforts, solicit respect and empathy. That lends rationale to narrate this group's revolt, their difficult brotherhood and the inner battles they fight to put themselves in tune with the plot to kill. While letting Camus lend voice to their struggles, the movie also dissects his philosophy of the absurd, raising rebuttals pertaining to the heart and a sense of belonging.